Thursday, March 17, 2011

Front Porch Column

My hubs helped me make this, and I’m proud of him. It's not the sort of thing he does every day.

I borrowed the idea for this from Shanty 2 Chic. She made three columns in varying sizes and set them in front of her fireplace. Hers showed the year they married.  They looked good. Real good. And I knew I wanted one.  Go check her's out here

She used a 4x4. I went to my favorite store, but the Lowe's man, it being his last day to work there and all, said the only 4x4’s Lowe's sells are salt treated, and one would have to let them sit for six months before painting.

I am not a woman who likes to wait. Especially not for six months. Not for a salt treated 4x4 to do whatever it is salt treated 4x4’s do to become paintable after six months.

However, the Lowe’s man suggested I combine two 2x4’s. They were not salt treated and would not have to wait. I was liking the idea. So he cut them the lengths I requested.

I bought the other pieces of lumber – gosh, I felt like such a woman, buying my own lumber – and had the Lowe’s man cut those to my specifications as well.

Then I wished the Lowe’s man good luck at his next job. And carried my cut-to-order wood to my van.

Hubs, not having heard of this project until the lumber arrived in our house, was interested but a little dubious.

I assured him that the two 2x4’s could be glued together with Gorilla Glue. Hubs looked doubtful but grabbed the glue, and sure ‘nuf, it worked.

Then I attempted to nail the bottom pieces to the (now) 4x4. Let’s just say my aim wasn’t too good. Pieces going in every which direction. Hubs kindly undid my damage and redid the job right. Top pieces and bottom pieces. Thanks, doll.

He also caulked the cracks between the two 2x4 pieces. What a guy.

I then primed.

And then painted the whole thing white.

During my recent Saturday Craft Party at Penny’s, we corralled the Cricut into cutting vinyl house numbers.

Don’t they look great on the column?

I'm just fascinated by that 9. Have you ever seen such a 9? Love.

My intent is to make this an outdoor column, like this:

Perhaps a flower atop? Which will die within three days of arriving at my non-green-thumb home. Don't you just love silk flowers? They live forever, no matter who is tending them.

But until I apply the “marine sealer,” making my column waterproof, it’ll sit in the house, like this:

Or this:

Yes, the daffodils have seen a better day. But I still swoon every. single. time. I see my aqua table (learn more here). Love!

Have you made anything from wood?

Or, better yet, do you own your own set of power tools?

Tell all.

I dream of owning my very own Dremel Three-in-One. Some day.

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