Thursday, April 28, 2011

End of Week Recap

What a busy, hectic week this has been for our family!

Redo Jr. joined Boy Scouts a few weeks ago. He and Mr. Redo are getting ready for their first-ever camping trip this weekend. Honestly, I don't know how the pioneers survived without tents, sleeping bags, tarps, mess kits, insulated cups, a compass, flint ... well, you get the picture.

Are you getting the idea that we could have enjoyed a family vacation in Cancun for the cost of this one weekend campout?

But it's good. Redo Jr. is very excited about Scouts. He's such an active eleven year old, so Scouts is right up his alley. He loves making knots and rappelling at the local creek bank.

And Ms. E - fifteen and just got her first job. She's been waiting for this opportunity. Here we have a girl who needs her own spending money - really badly. That dream is about to come true.

But for me, it meant driving her to the interview. Driving her to the next interview with the higher level manager. Driving her to orientation. Driving her to "watch" how they do things.

I'm pretty proud of her, though. Through this whole thing we've seen God's hand at work, which we attribute to the fact that she started tithing her allowance and babysitting money a few months ago. God has opened up the floodgates of heaven and blessed her with this job at a Christian company. I'm more excited about the spiritual lesson than the money, but I guess that's how mothers are.

As you've seen on the blog, I've been redoing the hall bathroom. I'm nearly finished painting the walls. When I finish, I'll hang the new shower curtain and hang the new towel hooks. And that room will be finished.

We've been hunkering down all week, praying that the tornadoes won't pass through our neighborhood. One was spotted about three miles west of us last night. Again today we endured tornado warnings. The only good thing about tornado warnings is that it keeps us running to the Lord.

I have two elderly uncles in a nearby assisted living facility. Since neither has a family, my cousin and I have been looking out for them. The younger uncle has Parkinson's, and I've spent a lot of time this week trying to get him on hospice. Phone calls and trips to the doctor - hope by tomorrow I can start the ball rolling so that my sweet little uncle doesn't have to go out to see the doctor any longer - it's so exhausting for him.

Looking forward to Girls Weekend with my daughter - lots of yard sales on our radar. Will let you know if I find anything good - maybe something I can redo!

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