Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome to Our Bakery

I told my husband before we married that I didn't like to cook. He didn't believe me. 

After 19 years, he's a believer.

But I do love to bake - cakes, pies, cookies, brownies. All chocolate of course.

So after seeing a sign like this on Pinterest recently, I thought a similar sign would be fitting in my kitchen.

I'm a little undecided on whether or not to put a scrapbook decoupage border around the edge, something like this.

So today, I'd like a little feedback on what you think? 

Leave it plain, with a completely rustic look?

Or jazz it up just a tad with the border?

Or scuff it up and put some dark wax on the edges?

Voting begins now, and thanks for your input!