Friday, July 8, 2011

More on the Dumpsta' Diva

Y'all know from my post yesterday that my son and I may, or may not, have gone dumpster diving.

And I know from y'all's comments that y'all may, or may not, have gone dumpster diving at some time in your lives, or wish you had, or hope you can ...

That post was so much fun, and I loved every one of your comments, laughing with you.

But on a more serious note, it gave me pause for thought.

I've never been an extreme "save the planet" girl ... but honestly, after maybe, or maybe not, seeing that sled in that dumpster, I've been kinda riled.

I keep picturing said sled buried under a mountain of dirt ... along with who knows what other treasures that could surely have a use for somebody, somewhere. 

How many poor kids do you know, or read about, who could wake up on Christmas morning gleeful to find that thing waiting for them?

And the chair - with a small amount of work, that chair could be fixed and used as a child's chair.

There were a lot of books in the "too good to waste" that I may, or may not, have seen. Left behind. 

And I keep thinking ... thinking about the homeless shelters right here in my town, and in your town. I've given a lot of things I no longer need to one of our homeless shelters - the lady who runs it helps homeless people get their lives back together, find a job, ride a bike to work, and eventually sets them up in an apartment. 

Why couldn't she, and others like her, have weekly access to the dump? 

Why couldn't there be a sign, "Reserved For Homeless Shelters."

Would people be more inclined to put a sled or a chair into an area like that?

Or would they continue to toss things into the dumpster, taking the easy way out?

Just wonderin'.