Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Table Runner Tutorial

Last week I showed you a picture of a 
Christmas table runner I made for my friend Jennifer ~

Today I'm providing a tutorial for those of you 
who expressed an interest in making one like it.
This time I used red polka dot fabric
for a Valentine's table runner ~

The ruffle (red) fabric:

Cut one strip 9" wide keeping the fabric folded
as it came from the store ~ 

 Then cut along the fold to create two 9" strips ~

Next, iron under 1/8" along 3 sides, 
then iron under 1/8" along the same 3 sides.
Then stitch along all 3 sides. 

To create the gathered ruffle, 
set your machine stitch length at "long,"
or on my machine I used the number "6" ~ 

Leaving plenty of loose thread at the start, 
sew your long running stitches along the unfinished
width of the red fabric, using about a 1/4" allowance. 
Leave the thread quite long when you cut it
loose from the sewing machine. 

Now tie together the two long theads on one end
of the ruffle, forming a knot on that end. 

Repeat on the other ruffle piece. 

Then set aside the ruffle fabric.

The Burlap Fabric ~ 

Cut a strip 15" wide and approximately 40" long.
If you prefer a smaller table runner 
(to use as a smaller centerpiece holder),
you may cut the length you like for your table ~ 

Fold under 1/2" and sew along both long edges 
so that the fabric will not fray 
when the runner is completed.  

Next place the end of the burlap and the gathered end of the ruffle,
right sides together,
and pull on your gathering thread to draw up the 
ruffle to fit the width of the burlap.

Pin into place, working the gathering back and forth 
until it's reasonably even.
Sew just inside the gathering stitch 
across the width of both fabrics.

Press the seam towards the burlap. 

Repeat these steps for the other end.

And enjoy your lovely burlap table runner ~ 

Both the Christmas and 
Valentine's runners are available
for sale in my Etsy shop
(see the link on my sidebar).

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