Monday, September 10, 2012

A Few New Thrifty Finds

Imagine my excitement when Mr. Redo and Elizabeth returned from an unexpected yard sale recently and brought me this ~

Does four of an item make a collection? Because I now have four thrifted watering cans, and I really like them!

They also got this - isn't it the cutest cookie jar? Reminds me of my olden days when I worked cross stitch ~ 

This past week Elizabeth and I stopped by the Goodwill - I am trying to stop my addiction and have at least cut down on my number of visits. All that aside, imagine my surprise when I came across this Jim Shore figurine for just $4.99 ~

and this one for $3.99 ~

Well, I did indeed feel very happy as I've always wanted some Jim Shore but never found any at a price I liked - until last week. 
I'll probably keep these forever, I love them that much.

Have you done any thrifting recently? If so, what'd you find?

Hugs ~ Mary

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