Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lunch with Friends From Way Back!

I had a blast at lunch yesterday!!! 
In the 70s and 80s I worked at an insurance company with this the amazing group of people. Loved them! Still do!

A few years ago they formed a club called "The Order of the Ancients" - haha, you know I don't belong in that club, right? I just go along to see my friends!

(Left, Bob Light, my marketing manager, and
Right, Don Edwards, our office manager)

Each person told what work they did for the company and what they're doing now. A few still work but will soon retire.

(clockwise from top left: Joe Bishop, Earl Wheeler,
Howard Swank, and Callie Stewart)

 Each January they meet for lunch at The Grapevine restaurant. Share old pictures and memorabilia.

(Bob Hendricks)

I was so lucky to work as marketing secretary. Well, it was a little work and a Ton of Fun! We sponsored tennis and golf tournaments - I loved helping Bob Light organize these events!

 (Bob Mays)

I don't think there are many companies around any longer like the one we enjoyed - life was simpler back then, 
and we were like family. 

(Cordon Davis)
So it was great, being with all my buddies and swapping stories. Can't wait to see them again next January.
Hugs ~ Mary