Saturday, January 12, 2013

Money Saving Menu Planning

Since my decision to see how long I could go without committing "unnecessary shopping" in 2013, I've had more time at home ... resulting in planned menus.

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I'm happy to report two positives:

1. My family gets regular healthy, home-cooked meals nightly and we gather round the table enjoying good family time. 

2. Since there's plenty of food at home, that never-ending desire to run out for fast food is curbed.

Here are my menus since the beginning of 2013.

1/1    Spaghetti with salad
1/2    Hamburger soup (crock pot)
1/3    Enchiladas
1/4    Ham Steak, Lipton noodles, snaps
1/5    Leftovers

1/6    Leftovers
1/7    Lasagna
1/8    French toast with bacon and eggs
1/9    Chicken and rice
1/10  Barley soup - crock pot (a newbie for us)
1/11  Meat loaf, potatoes, broccoli
1/12  Vegetarian night

I make several meals in one morning. Then on days when we're running around (e.g. Wednesdays are Biology outside our home and weekends are so busy), I don't have to give dinner a thought. 

I made sausage balls for snacking ... they were gone in a day ;)

 (from Plain Chicken blog)

As I begin to learn how to cut grocery costs, meal planning will be a big part of that, hopefully saving us billions lots of dollars.

Do you plan menus or cook by the seat of your pants, like I have all my life? Planning our meals has really made my late afternoons simpler - no more panic over what to fix for dinner!

Hugs ~ Mary

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